Rondine aims to promote change and have a positive impact also though entrepreneurial initiatives. The world needs new managers able to lead their businesses according to a logic of sustainable development on social, cultural, and environmental levels. Such an objective must be necessarily combined with the ability to manage complex dynamics, both inside the organization and outside due to local situations of conflict.

Educating the new generations in acquiring the necessary skills to develop their own social or business projects, so that at the end of their training they can have a positive and concrete impact back home, even with business projects, is among Rondine’s central objectives.

The results of these actions are presented in Milan, the main hub for Italian businesses, during the event “Making peace is an enterprise”. The event allows for the meeting and confrontation among the most important national and international entrepreneurs and the young people from Rondine, supported by the association Imprenditori per la pace (Entrepreneurs for peace), which is made up of leading Italian entrepreneurs who choose to accompany Rondine on its way and support its young leaders in launching their projects that have social impact.

We, as entrepreneurs and managers, are the people who have the skills to recognize quality. In front of this precious reality, we must be the first to understand how these values can become an integral part of our business. I have chosen to invest in these young people, inserting them into my business reality, trying to develop new business models, which in addition to being as innovative as you’ve heard, aim to build peace, development, and sustainability. Only if we intervene together, developing new ideas and deeply impacting the Italian and global business fabric, will we really be able to change the world.

Ivana Ciabatti
National President of Confindustria Federorafi
and President of the association Imprenditori per la Pace