The words of support of the Vatican Secretary for Relations with the States to the young people of Rondine who ask for the commitment of world leaders to resolve the conflict, on the occasion of his visit to the Cittadella della Pace


Another meeting of excellence at the Cittadella della Pace, which is committed to training young people from conflict and post-conflict areas around the world to become future peace leaders. The International Day of Peace was the occasion for the students of the World House of Rondine to meet Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, Vatican Secretary for Relations with the States. The main issue of the meeting, “The Global Role of Vatican Diplomacy: experiences and perspectives”, contributed to deepen issues of primary importance in the delicate diplomatic work of the Vatican, which aims to promote peace and bring its own mediation contribution in conflict situations. An opportunity, for Monsignor Gallagher, to visit the Cittadella in the presence of the Bishop of the Diocese of Arezzo-Cortona-Sansepolcro, Mons. Riccardo Fontana, and to deepen Rondine’s work also through an open and stimulating dialogue with the youth of the World House.

«It’s been a brief visit – says Monsignor Paul Richard Gallagher, after the meeting with Rondine’s students, – but it has been very encouraging, to meet these brilliant young people who dedicate this time of their lives to coming up together into facing the often harsh realities of the situations from which they come to encounter people with whom formerly they were in conflict and to live together, to discuss their problems and to try and to learn the means of promoting peace and resolving conflicts in their countries. It’s very encouraging – continues Monsignor Gallagher – to see the efforts that have been made and to see young people like these who are really committed and enthusiastic and then also frightened of the challenges, but that’s a reason to be hopeful for the future».


He also dedicated words of support for the work that the young people of Rondine are carrying out through Leaders for Peace, the awareness campaign addressed to the Member States of the United Nations in order for them to reach a concrete commitment in the formation of young peace leaders, able to intervene in the main contexts of conflict in the world. «Well, obviously my word would be one of encouragement. At this time, in the world, despite all the criticism that we make about political leaders and certain dissatisfaction, we know leaders are important, we know that people assuming their responsibilities have much to challenge them». The Vatican Secretary for Relations with the States concludes: «Now, if they are willing to make a commitment through this campaign and implicitly make a commitment to the young people of their countries, that is something that I think can only be encouraged».