Middle school

AREA: Training
11 – 14 years old

Rondine aims to impart its educational method in a course designed for youth in middle school, who risk, in entering their teenage years, losing the grandness of their dreams that are still prevalent in them.

They have the digital world in their hands, a language they can speak better than their parents and they must combine this with the knowledge patrimony that is going to be entrusted to them by their predecessors. Unaware that they are holders of power, in Rondine they are put in dialogue with professors and with the people from the Business and Politics School, also in the role of teacher. It is a “overturned school”, overturning  the world and making it stand again. It is a new education towards responsibility.

Indeed, the Rondine Method teaches them to transfer the richness of their fantasy and imagination into the digital language, which becomes a vehicle to transform their dreams into projects that potentially will have global impact, giving birth to a new laboratory for humanity, in the time of globalization.