Popular Diplomacy School

AREA: Training
18 – 70 years old

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The Rondine Popular Diplomacy School is the perfect continuation of the Studentato Internazionale – World House experience within the framework of the Citadel of Peace: it aims to educate people able to intervene in situations of conflicts that are likely to degenerate by bringing back dialogue and openness through a “grass-roots” promotion of symbolic, but effective projects.

The principle course in the Popular Diplomacy School is the Master Executive in Global Governance, Intercultural Relations and Peace Process Management, promoted by Rondine and the University of Siena (Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences).

In an international framework where traditional diplomacy is losing its efficiency, the appearance of the so-called citizens’ diplomacy represents a significant alternative, which sees groups of people act at the non-governmental level by proposing themselves as effective speakers to reduce tensions between conflicting parties and improve the ability to understand and communicate.

The objective is educating an international class of professionals and experts in topics related to the effects of globalization and the variable conditions of international relationships: mobility, human rights, transnational and transcultural conflicts, and new diplomatic and professional tools for peace-making.

Rondine is a truly unique place that acts as a gym for us and our students, a laboratory where we can study and experience what’s new starting from the relationships among young people (…) We work on training and research, which are at the base of our mission. A strong focus is placed on internationalization. This is a place that combines all these elements.

Francesco Frati

President of the University of Siena