Learning how to turn the conflict into an opportunity for social changes: this is the chance offered by Rondine with the application call 2019 for the Studentato Internazionale – World House.

This is the core of Cittadella della Pace and the source of the Rondine Method for the creative transformation of conflicts. Since 1998 the World House has been hosting youths coming from countries involved in conflicts that, recently or currently, degenerated in several violent forms; here, they accept to cohabit with their own enemy, facing what they wanted to run away from. Together, they undergo an innovative process, starting from the sorrow and rage outcomes of the war – rediscovered as renewable energy sources – and developing a creative transformation model. At the end of the two-year period, the World House youngsters have acquired the tools to promote actions and develop projects in their own countries, as well as to become leaders in contests marked by quick transformations, high complexity and huge conflicts.

The educational program is scheduled from July 2019 to June 2021. The open call addresses to candidates from Balkans, Middle East, South Caucasus and Nigeria, aged between 21 and 28 years. Among the requisites there are a bachelor’s degree, deep interest in topics related to conflicts, inclination to leadership and team building, civic engagement, planning attitude and interest in global sustainability.

Whoever is eager to participate can send his/her application form, available on the dedicated web page, within January the 13th, 2019, with the required documents, at international@rondine.org or international.rondine@gmail.com. After a pre-selection of the applications, the team of Rondine will make individual interviews in the countries the candidates come from, in order to verify their motivation and pinpoint the future World House members.

Every detail of the open call is available online. For further information, please contact the International Relations Office of Rondine at +39  0575  299666  or via email at international@rondine.org.

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