Rondine International Peace Lab

AREA: Popular diplomacy

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Rondine International Peace Lab (IPL) is an international organization made up of almost 200 world leaders: a network crossing the entire world, applying the Rondine Method for the creative transformation of conflicts in every possible context.

The association is composed of the former alumni of the Studentato Internazionale – World House; after completing their education at the Citadel of Peace, they apply the tools and skills acquired to promote dialogue and peace processes in conflict or post-conflict contexts.

Mutual trust and professional skills are the founding elements of Rondine International Peace Lab. IPL members – former enemies who became friends through their experience at Rondine – feel and live every conflict as their own: therefore, they are prompt to act with their innovative approach in every context, even those far away from their homelands.

Rondine International Peace Lab has also made an innovative choice with its Board of Directors, preferring a representation based on personal skills, not on their geographical origin. This is a huge act of mutual trust among the IPL young leaders: indeed, someone who sits on the Board of Directors has decision-making power with respect to acting in the country of his/her former enemy.

The ambitious project of Rondine International Peace Lab is leading the world to a more peaceful future.