• Rondine works toward global intervention. Therefore, it develops its community networks, aiming to spread the mission of Rondine into the different contexts it is working in by promoting dialogue, the creation of peace-promoting processes, and the creative transformation of conflicts in different areas of competence.

  • Membership

    This is the community of Rondine members who supports its initiatives in decision-making, volunteering, and donations.

  • Ambassadors

    This is the community of people who want to become ambassadors of Rondine’s message in their regions, promoting events and initiatives to raise awareness among the public and backing support initiatives.

  • Educators

    This is the community of educators actively collaborating with Rondine to apply its method, both at the Citadel of Peace and in other contexts.

  • Quarto Anno Families

    The families of the young people enrolled in the Quarto Anno Liceale di Eccellenza program at Rondine undertake educational courses about family conflicts. At the end of this project, they become promoters.