Initiative for Peaceful and Democratic Elections in Sierra Leone

AREA: Popular diplomacy

Initiative for peaceful and democratic elections in Sierra Leone is the first innovative project with an important political and social impact promoted by the Rondine International Peace Lab, aiming to foster a peaceful and informed voting process for the 2018 presidential elections in Sierra Leone.

Three local experts, including a former Rondine student, trained 12 educators, one for each region of the country, who in turn transmitted the tools they acquired about democracy, social responsibility, common good and reconciliation to 360 community leaders. The project also involved 400 young professionals in four round-tables at the main national universities. Finally, through an awareness campaign, the message reached over one million people.

The projects have created greater awareness regarding the importance of political engagement, more dialogue between the factions in conflict, and an increase in the level of personal responsibility and trust in the voting process.

The initiative represented the first application of the Rondine Method in the context of conflict and involved in several ways all the former Rondine students around the world.

Why the Rondini d’Oro? To help them fly and be free to express themselves and return to their country.

We have financed this project because there are no other examples in Europe like Rondine and we felt called to be responsible and participate in trial projects such as the one developed in Sierra Leone. I hope that the European institutions can get to know you, as you are the seed of future peace.

Stefania Mancini
Fondation Assistance Internationale – FAI