Satish Kumar at Rondine:
“I believe that Peace begins within yourself, in your consciousness, in your life;
 that’s why what are you doing is so necessary in these times”


These are the words that the international activist and speaker Satish Kumar spoke in front of the students  of Rondine and the many people present during the lecture  held on Thursday 23 June from 3pm at the Chiesina in Rondine Cittadella della Pace thanks to the collaboration with the Fattoria La Vialla in Castiglion Fibocchi. 


“We are all human beings wherever you come from.
So don’t turn diversity into division and conflict.
Celebrate diversity,
because it’s the fundamental principle of existence.”


It was a unique opportunity for the young people  of Rondine and the community  to reflect on the profound meaning of the human being and the relationships it weaves with others, but also with the surrounding environment and its resources. The meeting once again draws attention to the active role that each person has in making choices that determine the future, their own and that of others.  We are the fruit of interconnections capable of generating a better future for human beings and the Planet; it is up to us the choice and responsibility to act now.


“If you want peace, be peace” 


The meeting ended with a moment of discussion and participatory reflection with the auditors and a warning not to be indifferent, to take care of one’s own actions and individual growth so that it becomes a fruit of growth for society, with a reference to the motto of the philosopher Mahatma Ghandi, which has been present  in Rondine for years, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.