This message was written by the students of Rondine, the night between Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st November, when a ceasefire had still not been reached in the Middle East.
They are the simple words of a group of young people who come from areas of conflict all over the world. Together they decided to send a message to the civil, diplomatic and political world.

“We believe that these days are times in which the world needs us to stand up and speak out

another message. A message of love, compassion, dialogue and acknowledgment of the suffering of all sides of this conflict      

As Rondine students, we share the feelings of fear, pain and anxiety because part of our families and beloveds are now experiencing this difficult reality.                

As we pray together for a better future and for all the lives that are lost, we all stand in order to spread a message of hope and care. Here at Rondine we support each other to stand strong holding this message.”

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