(Arezzo, 13 September 2013). “I think Rondine is an experience not only important to Arezzo, but also for the whole country as a model of coexistence and integration.” With these words the Minister of Public Administration and Simplification Mr Gianpiero D’Alia opened the meeting with the press this morning at the site of Arezzo promoted by Confindustria Rondine Cittadella della Pace. An event organized and wanted to Arezzo, in agreement with the Ministry, following the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the association of Arezzo and the ministry of Public Administration, which took place on August 8, at the hands of the Minister D’Alia itself and President of Rondine, Franco Vaccari. “The collaboration between Swallow and the Department for Public Administration – continued the Minister – that in the first phase will consist in the reception of young students for internships in the public sector serves to reinforce this idea that brings forth Swallow and serves to give an idea other than the Public Administration or an administration open to the company to its problems in order to make a contribution to solving them.”

He then spoke to the prof. Franco Vaccari, President of Rondine: “Even the best foreign students come to Italy to form the ruling class of their countries in the future. Because inside this laboratory where ideas that will have the force of affection and friendship feelings that even in economy may increase their strength and can certainly help. The Minister had sensed something in Swallow, namely that at the end of their path Swallow boys can have the experience of thickness in the administrative institutions of our country. And that’s good because you create relationships of trust in international relations. Dedication to this involving ourselves in the first person, I am grateful to the Minister”.

It was then the time of the intervention of the Minister Gianpiero D’Alia: “I am grateful to swallow for having accepted the invitation of mutual cooperation because the’ idea to form and inform on what the PA Italian knows how to do is a positive idea. We prefer a collaboration of this kind in order to teach good administration. There are high professionalism in the public sector that allow our country to grow and operate. We need a more efficient administrative system more transparent and simple citizen who has only one other party. This is the central point on which the government is working. ”

Among the interventions also that of young Azerbaijani Elmira now Golden Swallow that is a shining example of international cooperation born in Rondine through the activities that are currently carried out at the Institute of Trade of Azerbaijan in Rome.

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