Among the many meanings attributable to music, it is less common to think of music as a tool for conflict resolution. However, for its universal character, able to overcome any cultural and religious differences, music can be consider a true tool of peace.

It is for this reason that Rondine aims to offer its experience to implement an ambitious project: to constitute an ensemble composed of young string musicians coming from Kosovo and Serbia.

Rondine intends to provide a scholarship to young talented Serb and Kosovar music students, specialized in either violin, viola or cello. The musicians need to have graduated at their national academies and must be between 18 and 28 years old. The particular selection will test both artistic skills, in order to create an ensemble capable of performing at high levels, and personal qualities, in order to fit Rondine’s original training proposal: to live and work together with other cultures.

The young musicians will arrive in early July to attend the school of Italian language and culture, together with the other students of the International Hall of Residence. There, they will embark two types of training: in Rondine, with the staff and  the other international students, and at School of Music of Fiesole.

The high value of the efforts made by young people and their testimony will be revealed and shown through a series of concerts in Italy and rest of Europe. The musicians will commit to spread the message of reconciliation for the new generations that underlies the entire project, performing in the tour concert organized by the association as conclusion of the training program.

The initiative is aimed at showing, both in Italy and abroad, the potential of music in overcoming diversities and conflicting identities. Music can indeed be the one of a powerful weapon in the construction of a brighter and peaceful future.

Let’s join and apply for admission!!

The deadline is May 5th, 2013

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