Area: Formazione

Since: 2020

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Intiative of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI)

With an eye to the Mediterranean and its richness, in February 2020, the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) promoted a meeting of reflection and spirituality: “Mediterranean, Frontier of Peace”. During the event that took place in Bari, CEI, together with Caritas Italiana, launched the ensuing project “Mediterranean, Frontier of Peace, Education and Reconciliation“: 11 young people from Mediterranean countries characterised by situations of conflict and political and social tensions will participate in higher level training that will provide them with the methodological and operational tools to intervene in rapidly changing and highly complex contexts, strengthening their strategic and leadership skills.

Quello dei vescovi del Mediterraneo a Bari è stato un vero “sinodo” su questo mare di frontiera. Dopo l’incontro, la Conferenza Episcopale Italiana, attraverso la Caritas, ha voluto lanciare “un’Opera Segno”: 11 giovani provenienti da paesi diversi del Mediterraneo, caratterizzati da tensioni o situazioni di conflitto, accederanno ad un percorso di alta formazione.

The 30-month project started in March 2020 ends in October 2022. It is organised as follows: Online, residential and on site.

In the residential part of the programme, the young participants spent a year of advanced training on campus learning how to:

  • define and manage a social, cultural and educational, research project;
  • get to know the Rondine Method on creative transformation of conflict to “learn how-to-live-in-conflict”, consciously aware that it is unavoidable in everyday life;
  • strengthen each person’s strategic and leadership skills.

At the end of their training in Rondine, the young professionals return to their countries of origin with a wide range of skills suitable for promoting and implementing sociocultural impacting initiatives, by launching international cooperation, peacebuilding, and training activities with partner organisations.

During the training course, a team from the Family Studies and Research University Centre of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan – having a long-standing collaboration with Rondine – is responsible for conducting the action-research. Through questionnaires, interviews and focus groups, the team monitors changes in some aspects of the participants’ interpersonal and social relationships over time to direct and reorient the course as it progresses.


Despite the challenging past year, we are pleased to have been able to come to Italy to work on our projects and show that coexistence and dialogue are possible. The projects that we will carry out in our countries upon our return aim at dialogue, reconciliation, and peace. We will continue to develop the network we created in Rondine of young people willing to promote social cohesion in the Mediterranean.

Amina, Bosnian