Studentato Internazionale – World House

AREA: Training
SINCE: 1998
AGE: 21-30 years old


The Studentato Internazionale – World House is at the heart of Rondine: it developed the Citadel of Peace and originated the Rondine Method. Since 1998, it has hosted young people who come from countries where, whether currently or recently, conflict has degenerated into violent forms; they accept to live with their own enemy, therefore facing precisely what they wanted to escape from. Together, they take on a revolutionary path, starting from the pain and the rage resulting from war – to be re-discovered as renewable energy – and elaborating on a creative transformation model. This is developed in three layers: everyday-life, educational, and academic. At the end of the two-year period, the youth of the World House have the tools to promote action and develop projects in their own countries and to be leaders in contexts characterized by transformation, elevated complexity, and high conflict.

The World House intends to host young people from the five continents, as spokespersons of degenerated local conflicts. Currently, it hosts thirty students from twenty-five different countries in Europe, Africa, America and the Near East.

Looking into his eyes, I saw my own fear, the same rage, the hate that I was feeling in my heart. I stared into his eyes. Even his brother was at the border, in the war. Like mine.

Just at that moment I understood what peace is for me. It’s me that is worrying about the brother of my “enemy”, about his mother and his loved ones who cry on the other side of the conflict like mine.