Ventidipacesucaucaso – Winds of peace for Caucasus

AREA: Popular diplomacy

Ventidipacesucaucaso is a project born from the desire of the young people of the Studentato Internazionale – World House to re-open the dialogue in the Caucasian region, swept by the explosion of the Russian-Georgian war in August 2008. For the first time, the Rondine Method for the creative transformation of conflicts have been applied in the context of a degenerate conflict, materializing in the natural vocation of Rondine towards popular democracy through the education of young people who want to have an impact in intense conflict situations.

The project took shape with the editing of the Documento in 14 punti per la pace nel Caucaso (14 points Document for peace in Caucasus), with the collaboration of the World House young people. The text, developed and unanimously approved by 150 individuals from civil society who gathered in La Verna for the first International Conference of the Caucasus populations, has been delivered to political leaders, diplomats and international religious leaders, including Pope Benedict XVI. In 2010, a huge delegation of Rondine completed a Friendship Trip in South Caucasus and Turkey.

In February 2011, the RondinEuropa Committee was founded. Thanks to the participation of over fifty members of the European Parliament, it set the goal to put into action the document’s project proposals in the area.