The Citadel of Peace proposes itself as a new model of universal citizenship

Expo | Cascina Triulza | Thursday August 6th2015, 9.00 p.m.

Rondine Citadel of Peace, the only italian association officially nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, will be present at the universal showcase of the Expo to propose a new model of universal citizenship based on the ability of enemies to live in peace on an essential premise: stop the war is the first step to “feed the world”.

A true belief, and not a provocation, will be presented during the initiative that will take place on August 6that 9 p.m., within the spaces of Cascina Triulza – Pavilion of Civil Society EXPO 2015, which is part of the larger project “Il senso ritrovato” promoted by Planet Life Economy Foundation in occasion of the Expo 2015 of Milan. During the evening, the artistic show“Dissonanze in accordo” will be performedand introduced byBruno Pasquino, General Commissioner of Expo Milan 2015, Sergio Silvotti, President of Triulza Foundation, Alessandro Curti, CEO at Curti, member of PLEF and sponsor of the project “Il Senso Ritrovato” and Franco Vaccari, President of Rondine.

While in Milan we are witnessing an investment in a spectacular beauty that sets aside the concept of borders, Rondine has been investing, everyday, in the last eighteen years, in the moral force of youth, hampered by impassable boundaries, but ready to overcome them like an army of peacekeepers ready to break down physical and mental barriers that break lives and prevent the growth of nations.

We firmly believe that the meeting between Expo and Rondine would be a unique opportunity to move a concrete step in the journey of peaceful coexistence between individuals and peoples. A small, but powerful, model that shows how the coexistence between people that history has defined enemy, grown in hatred and desire for revenge is possible. People who open their minds beyond their limits without giving up their identity, who are ready to fight in order to build a fair world, going back to their home countries and working at all levels to transform the social environment, politics and institutions.

The“Dissonanze In Accordo” performance is a path through the overcome of a conflict. With Rondine Music Ensamble, also formed by young artists coming from war zones, Rondine students introduce their real testimonies on how they are living Rondine experience. While the music ensemble is performing a musical repertoire with a strong connection to the last century events, the young witnesses explain how an enemy can turn into a friend.



About Rondine

Rondine Cittadella della Pace works since 1997 in the field of conflict resolution and multicultural and inter religious dialogue.The association is based in Rondine, a small medieval village on the river Arno, in the Tuscany countryside. Here, in its International Hall of Residence, Rondine hosts 30 youngstudents from over 25 different nations, cultures and religions coming from different conflict areas. Every year they have an experienceof academic studies and cohabitation, supported by an intense and innovative training program about dialogue and pacific coexistence. The students of Rondine are between 19 and 26 yearsold, selected in war areas or post-war areas like Balkans, Middle East, USA, East Europe, Caucasus and Indian sub continent. At the end of their training in Rondine, students go back totheir home country and, through their careers, take part to create a reconciliation and peaceful process. Thanks to the experience of over 18years of activity, Rondine has promoted exchange programs and cultural events of an unique value, on both national and international level, focused on assert a new culture of dialogue.


Planet Life Economy Foundation – Onlus

A free non-profit foundation born in 2003 that takes care of giving substance to the principles of sustainability so that they may enter the dynamic of companies’ management (strategies, competitiveness, added value, finance), paying attention to the real expectations of citizens/consumers (quality of life, emotion, pleasure, satisfaction). PLEF promotes the realization of a new economic and social model (Renaissance Capitalism) evolving the current degenerating model (Financial Capitalism), a new model able to generate “value” (economic, social, environmental, human) and employment, overcoming the opposing arguments of “Growth” or “Descent”.Since 2013 it is a member of the National Council of Green Economy, consultative structure of the Ministries of Environment and Economic Development.


The programm

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