Defusing the conflict through the dialogue and transforming it in a chance for developing the society: this is the basic concept of the Rondine Method, developed by the association Rondine Cittadella della Pace. It will be the focus of a series of lectures at the most prestigious American and Canadian universities during a long overseas mission, to be concluded with a new event at the United Nations for the follow up of the Leaders for Peace campaign, introduced last year at the UN headquarter in New York.

The president Franco Vaccari, along with a delegation of the association members, is going to start on November the 25th a series of meeting and lectures, in order to introduce academics and scholars the Rondine Method as an example of dialogue and integration. Several universities are going to be involved: from the George Mason University and the American University in Washington until the universities of Toronto, London and Winnipeg, including St. Michael’s College, University of Western Ontario and King’s College, Manitoba University and St. Paul’s College, in addition to some of the most important national research centers, as the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation and the Centre for Human Rights Research.

The university tour will the concluded with the most prestigious meeting, in front of one of the most important academic community of the world: indeed, on December the 4th Vaccari will be in Boston in order to bring the experience of Rondine to the Harvard University, the oldest university of the United States, included in the authoritative Ivy League circuit.

“Last year the Rondine Method was the focus of the first international conference in Washington, in front of about fifteen of the most important experts and scholars from the main universities around the world, who reunited to give their own contribution to our methodology” Franco Vaccari stated. “Today the universities are demanding the presentation of the Rondine Method to the academic world: such a recognition makes us feel really proud”. Vaccari continued “Defusing the conflict is possible. In fact, it can become an occasion for the development of the entire society. Not only can Rondine be a concrete response to interpersonal conflicts, but also for armed clashes all around the world; it is a useful tool for the entire society”.

The unique features of the Rondine Method, currently codified and recognized, is yet known overseas. Last year the association arrived – upon the invitation of the Italian Permanent Representation at the United Nations – to talk to the 193 UN Member States; there Rondine launched Leaders For Peace global campaign.

The campaign addresses to the heads of States and asks them to take a symbolic sum – equal to the cost of one weapon – from the Defense budget and invest it in a scholarship for the education of future peace leaders; it also asked the signatory states to introduce a specific focus on human rights within the national school programs.

After having obtained important academic recognitions and the signature of the Italian State, the campaign entered its second year. Indeed, Rondine is getting prepared for coming back to the United Nations headquarter in New York in order to pave the way to the acceleration of new horizons of peace; on the occasion of an event scheduled for December the 5th at the end of the series of lectures in America. The objective is the development of a more efficient strategy for the education of new peace leaders to guide the society toward the progressive extinctions of conflict and toward new relations based on the respect of human rights.

Once again Rondine is supported by the Italian Permanent Representation at the United Nations. Recently, the ambassador Mariangela Zappia drove the attention of the UN Security Council on the Cittadella della Pace as an Italian best practice: “Healing the wounds of war and rebuilding trust require time and this is only possible with the involvement of the society as a whole” she underlined during her speech on the mediation practices, giving the example of the Italian NGO Rondine Cittadella della Pace, which is involved in promoting the dialogue among youths coming from different communities, ethnicities and religions, living in a conflictual situation”.

During the mission in the United States a follow up event with Caritas Internationalis is scheduled for December the 4th and it will be based on a roundtable at the Church Center for the United Nation in New York City. The event, named “Transforming conflicts into dialogue opportunities” aims to ponder the causes and consequences of conflicts. Thanks to the contribution of experts and individuals involved in several ways in peace building, dialoguing and the transformation of conflicts around the world, the debate aims to encourage a reflection on the possibility to transform the causes of conflicts into a source of dialogue, with a particular focus on certain parts of the world, as Middle East, Africa and South America.

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