The president and founder of Rondine Cittadella della Pace, Franco Vaccari, speaks at the Paris Peace Forum 2021 promoted by President Macron.

From today until 13 November 2021,  Heads of States and Governments, representatives of international organizations as well as leaders from the civil society and the private sector will discuss, confront, and propose innovative solutions to the urgent challenges of our time. Particularly, this fourth edition of the Forum will focus on the challenges placed to global stability by the socio-economic effects of the pandemic.


Rondine has been selected for participation together with other 80 projects and organizations due to the commitment and dedication proved throughout the project The Mediterranean: a Frontier of Peace”  and is invited to speak on a panel entitled “Right by youth’s side: preventing and mitigating the socio-economic vulnerabilities of youth”, scheduled on Friday 12th November at 5.45 pm CET.


Addressing youth challenges that have been accentuated in the Covid-19 era, the session will offer concrete, collaborative, and innovative solutions for youth rights, education, decent employment, and youth inclusion in recovery plans that could help prevent further intergenerational inequalities.


In 2021, many young people are still unable to access their right to education and decent employment, increasing their vulnerability and the risk of their economic and social exclusion. This generation will have to bear the crisis’ long-term consequences. How has the pandemic impacted their economic and social integration and employment perspectives?


The session will showcase projects chosen by the PPF selection committee this year. Among the speakers, in addition to Mr Franco Vaccari introducing the “The Mediterranean: a Frontier of Peace” project, the panel will also feature: Laura le Floch, Advocacy Officer, Secours Islamique France, for the project “Pour inclusion des Talibés au Mali et au Sénégal “, Mouna Lyoubi, coordinator of the OYA program, United Nations Organization for the Development of Industrialization (UNIDO) for the project “Opportunities for Youth in Africa” and Gorka Espiau, Scientific Director, La Caixa Foundation illustrating the project “Work4Progress, Innovation for the promotion of employment”.


Watch the video “Mediterraneo. Frontiera di Pace, educazione e riconciliazione”.