Carolina Cucinelli

She was born in Perugia on February 23, 1991. She completed her studies in Maestro d’Arte, Moda e Costume in 2010 and immediately tested her training at Brunello Cucinelli Spa Style Office, inspired by creativity and a strong passion for the art world. Her first focus was on the Accessories department, then she developed and improved her skills, diversifying her roles with increasing responsibilities. Since 2016, she has been part of the “Web Image and Communication” team of the Company – alongside the two managers – thus undertaking an activity which allows her to better exploit her inclinations and further explore her personal goal to combine representation of a model, perception of a product and usability of visual arts applied to fashion. In this new area she closely follows the development of the “Great Project of the Internet”, fundamentally inspired by the “Humanist Artisans of the Web” and called to combine the ancient creative wisdom of handcraft with the digital frontiers of our time, while covering the role of “Board Member, Co-President and Co-Creative Director”.