On January 16, 2012 at Rondine, Vannino Chiti, Vice President of the Italian Senate, presented his latest book entitled “Religioni e politica nel mondo globale” (Religion and Politics in the Global World) togethet with Rondine’s President, Franco Vaccari.

In his book Vannino Chiti explains how Catholicism can and should address the challenges of today’s world to redefine its role in politics. Chiti identifies the important reasons for dialogue to take place with other religions. Rondine’s President Franco Vaccari commented: “Chiti’s book touches a religious and political theme, which is at the heart of Rondine’s events.  The education of the students at Rondine, is directly within sight of some sort of political commitment, with a capital P of course. With their different religions, which the students confront daily, Rondine creates a mixed cultural climate. This experience will allow them to return to their countries of origin, bearing witness to the fact that despite being different, people can live together, just as they do here at Rondine.”



Before the meeting, the Senatorial Vice President, visited the Cittadellaand had dinner with the youth of the International Student Hall.  With this statement, he explained why he presented his book at Rondine:  “Rondine has a special meaning, because not only is it an important collation with Arezzo, but also with Tuscany and our country. Here, there are boys and girls who come from many parts of the world.  Here they learn Italian and they grow.  They will go back to their countries of origin, having learned something positive here with us.  In this way, Italy gives something highly useful and of great value.  At the same time, it is something worthwhile for these kids, because they are learning and teaching us that we can all live together, respecting differences and putting these differences in the service for the growth of everyone. ”

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