“The Pope knows the mission of Rondine and also in the past he got the chance to greet the young people of the International Student Hall that come from conflicting countries. I hope there will be a chance for the Holy Father to meet them again under the circumstances of the visit of Arezzo and La Verna.”

The words of Domenico Giani, General Inspector of the Body of the Gendarmerie of the State of the Vatican City and friend of Rondine, at the end of the press conference together with the archbishop Monsignor Riccardo Fontana, touch all Rondine, which mingles with the joy of the Church of Arezzo – Cortona – Sansepolcro for the next visit of Benedetto XVI. “ A visit in the puirsuit of sobriety, centred on the themes of justice and peace – has restated more than once the archbishop Fontana – because Sansepolcro was just thought and built as the city of justice and peace”.

“The action of Rondine coincides with the intentions and the thoughts of the Holy Father, which are the will of Christ: to unite people, to unite populations”, has ended Domenico Giani giving an appointment to the young people of Rondine for Wednesday the 7th of March prox., at the audience of the Holy Father, in occasion of the Annual Report of Rondine which will take place in Rome, at the same day.

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