A meeting between different cultures and religions in through the Easter. It happened yesterday night at Rondine’s International Hall of Residence.

An important occasion in order to see and understand how people celebrate Easter in three different countries: Jewish Easter for two boys from Israel, otherwise, one girl from Ossetia and the other one from Russia told about the Orthodox Easter; and at the end another girl from Kosovo spoke about Catholic Easter in her country.

Three tales, three evidences of different cults, which in Rondine live together in dialogue and tolerance.

The Jewish Easter, known as Pesach, belongs to an ancient tradition which takes origin from Ancient Testament.

The students remembered the delivery from Egypt’s slavery and the meaning about what they usually eat: unleavened bread, bitter grass, lamb and haroset. They also made a little book to read to the presents: “Haggadah” which means tale.

The Orthodox Easter is lived with much colour: the Russian student and the other one from Ossetia brought typical cakes, coloured eggs and they built symbols with red onion’s leafs.

At the end, it has presented the catholic Easter, in the way it is lived in Kosovo.

For this important occasion it is opened for the first time “Rondine’s Life”: two little rooms where each student brings little items, photos, dresses from his country, in order to create a mosaic of cultures and people, to touch by hands. Caterina Roti

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