Here, in Rondine, we don’t think about you only on your’s birthday day.
If birthday is a great moment to tell someone how much is important, so: best wishes!In Rondine birthday have a particular meaning: young people who were enemies become friends and they take place to the birthday’s party of each other. The cake, at the end of the lunch, becomes the symbol for a new and incredible friendship!

We are happy that you are with us, Benedetto, we are grateful about your work for peace and unity.
What else need the world now, inside the houses and outside in the places?
Happy birthday, Benedetto!
Christians, Jewishes, Mussulmans, Hindu, people from every kind of religiousness, from Rondine we follow you and we wait for you the next 13th may. It will be a great party!

The president, the staff and the students of Rondine

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