A new Rondine d’Oro is born: Tara!

Arrived in Rondine in the summer 2010, Tara frequented a Master in Management and Marketing of the viticultural-enterprises at the University of Florence, then she had a stage at Salvatore Ferragamo- Il Borro near Arezzo. On Tuesday 17th march, during a good party at the International Campus in Rondine, she became Golden Swallow. This moment represents the end of her road in Rondine and, at the same moment, a new beginning, the start of the future to think in the best way. 

“I want to thank each one of you. For me Rondine has been a home and it will be for ever, cause for me a home is a meeting point and also represents a sacred and intimate thing” commented Tara when she received the award.

Tara has been received from other three Rondini d’Oro: Marwa, Ruba e Armed, arrived in Rondine to share with her the ceremony and the party.

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