The 3rd Cycle of the project “A new leading class for the South Mediterranean Countries” consist this year of a two week residential workshop on Mediterranean studies, plus a distance learning phase.

In particular the program consists of a 2 weeks training course, from 20th October (arrival 19th October) to 31st October (leaving 1st November) parallel and integrated with that of the International Hall of Residence, targeting young people coming from MENA countries.

Topics covered in the lectures include: peace processes and nonviolence in the Mediterranean area, compared democratization processes, civil society, migrations processes.

Given the purpose to create bridges across Mediterranean countries, some parts of the program will be also joined by young students and professionals from other parts of Italy and Europe.

During the 2 weeks of staying in Italy, participants will have the opportunity to participate in trainings on team building, personal development, leadership and intercultural communication/dialogue, learning about local development through case studies, lectures, workshops and visits, attend academic workshops dealing with economic, political, cultural and social situation in their countries participate on some official events where they can have the chance to introduce their personal point of view on their context.

Recruitment is restricted to male and female between the ages of 22 and 30. Candidates must have obtained a university degree on Humanities, Social Science or Technical field and a very good knowledge of written and spoken English language is required.

To participate in the selection process it is necessary to send the Application Form (Attachment 1), supported by all the documents mentioned, by the 7th September 2014.

 Application Form

Draft agenda

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