28th September – 4th October, 2014

“Live the Other, Experience Yourself” is a training course aimed at improving peacebuilding attitudes and skills through a self-development process. Self-reflection and interaction will be the dimension in which trainers will work to improve, empower and expand social leadership in peacebuilding.

During the training we will provide participants frames and tools, that they can use first of all for their personal development, and secondly to improve their social work and engagement. A particular focus will be set on communication and dynamic of conflict and peace making.

The presence of members and former-members of Rondine will be of special importance. Through the words of those that are dedicating or have dedicated an entire part of their life to conflict resolution, participants will get extremely useful instruments of challenges and achievements in peacebuilding.

Events, sessions, and leisure activities will mostly take place in Rondine, both in indoor and outdoor spaces and some of them will be carried out together with the youngsters living in Rondine.


WHEN: 28th September – 4th October 2014

WHERE: Rondine Cittadella della Pace, Arezzo, Italy

WHO’S IN: 24 youngsters from 6 different countries, affected, somehow, by historical, cultural, social and/or armed conflicts (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Germany, Spain and Italy).



Associations will select 4 participants according to following criteria:

– Age: between 20 and 30.

– Personal motivation.

– Background and interest in the project topic.

– Involvement and activism on local/international social scale.

– Gender: 2 Male & 2 Female per country.


Associations are requested to send the application forms of their participants by the 10th of September tolivetheotherexperienceyourself@gmail.com.

Here you have the link of the online participants list, please fill it as soon as you book your tickets:


The project, developed by Rondine with the support of two youngs of the  International Student hall (now Rondini d’Oro – Golden Swallows), is funded by Erasmus +.

For any doubt or additional detail needed, please contact us at livetheotherexperienceyourself@gmail.com. If you prefer to talk to us directly, please find our phone numbers below.


Georgian number, to be called before the project:

Elena Russo (+995) 579 118853

Natalie Kenkadze (+995) 598 179996

Italian number, to be called during the project:

Elena Russo (+39) 3402657269

Natalie Kenkadze (+39) 3274579746


  Download the apllication form

Donwload the Infopack

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