Two important international recognitions for the Citadel of Peace: of the admission to the ECOSOC, the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations with Rondine being granted the special consultative status and the selection of the project “Mediterranean. Frontier of peace” within the most important international forum for raising and improving global governance.

From today, in fact, the association enjoys special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) 

Three years after the first presentation of the “Leaders for Peace” global campaign at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, Rondine has extraordinarily obtained the special status of Observer by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the UN official body is responsible for accrediting civil society entities that are particularly distinguished by the ability to promote UN values at local, national, and international level.

The advisory status  will legitimize Rondine as an actor of “international utility” and will involve its registration in the UN Registry Office. As a result, Rondine will have access to the documentation and meetings of the ECOSOC and its numerous subsidiary organs and programs.

Moreover, Rondine will be involved in all participatory democracy processes through its new advisory role within UN decision-making processes.

“The achievement of the special status at the UN rewards the solidity and trust of international relations that our Association has built in its over twenty years of activity, and opens the door to a proactive role of Rondine for bringing its own experience and good practices at the service of the international community” Franco Vaccari, founder and president of the Association Rondine Cittadella della Pace, declared.

This important international recognition marks a decisive step for Rondine.

But it doesn’t come alone.


Mediterranean. Frontier of Peace ” among the selected projects of the 2021 Paris Peace Forum

The international role of Rondine gets also reinforced by the selection of the project Mediterranean. Frontier of Peace among the 80 finalists of the Paris Peace Forum, the event promoted by President Macron that will take place in Paris from 11 to 13 November 2021. This project is supported by the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) and implemented by Rondine Cittadella della Pace in collaboration with the Italian Caritas. 

 “Mediterranean. Frontier of Peace” has been selected under the category “Covid-19: mitigate the socio-economic impact of the crisis” for its ability to generate impact in the south-eastern area of the Mediterranean: Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria.

The project consists of a biennial program for 11 young people from communities in the south-eastern Mediterranean area that are characterized by situations of conflict, tension and lack of socio-economic development. The program comprehends four components: learning, training, cohabitation, and social impact. The participants are currently refining their proposals for recovery projects to be implemented in their local communities.

In its fourth edition, Paris Peace Forum will offer a platform for projects and initiatives devoted to creating peace in the future and will once again host world leaders and heads of international organizations as well as leaders from the civil society and the private sector, and as well as thousands of individuals from around the globe, with the aim of strengthening innovative forms of collective action.