On Sunday 27thMay Rondine met a bunch of young people and adults from Azione Cattolica of Corridonia, belonging to Archdiocese of Fermo. Listening to the President Frano Vaccari’s speech at the conference “Educating young people for justice and peace” of 29th January, the group from Corridonia developed the desire to better understand the world of Rondine and join it even just for one day.  That’s the reason why the group decided to include, the” Citadel of Peace” among the destinations of its latest week of common life experience.

During the morning, after a brief visit to the village of Rondine, Corridonia’s group met both staff and students of our international Hall of Residence. President Franco Vaccari welcomed the party and also two students, Ibrahim and Ermira, spoke at the meeting.  It was a pleasant and constructive occasion, useful to set the foundation for a lasting collaboration and keep in contact with each other.

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