This is a continuation of the one of the most significant and authentic peace programs in Italy for the last 20 years. In fact, since 1997 Rondine has housed the International Hall of Residence (now World House), made up of young university students from different cultures, many of whom have recently experienced situations of conflict in their home countries and who wish to participate in a project of peaceful co-existence, training on conflict resolution and postgraduate study at the Italian universities.

The aim of the World House is to facilitate the students’ return to their home countries, after the completion of their training in Rondine on various topics related to the peace building and conflict resolution/ transformation, as well as their postgraduate studies here in Italy, in order for them to foster, in their professional careers, the genuine possibility for dialogue, reconciliation and peaceful co-existence.

The applicant profile:

•         age 21-27;

•         holder of a Bachelor degree;

•         active in civil society and willing to spend two years of his life working on different topics related to the peace-building and conflict resolution through attendance at different training and seminars all while working on his/her master degree (or some other higher form of specialization);

The deadline for the application is February 26th2017 and all documents should be sent to information about the new application package and the organisation can be found on the new web page:

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