As you know, Italy and the world are now facing a global crisis. Although Italy has been severely hit, it is facing it in the most serious and courageous way. Also Rondine, in these hard and complicated times, has reduced its work hours drastically with the only purpose of making sure that our students and our community, whom entrusted themselves in our hands, stay safe, and we proudly continue to take care of them and provide everything they need.

The world was not prepared to face this crisis but it is important, now more than ever, to rise above the distance , to stay responsible, obey to the law, tighten up our bonds and relationships with each other even if we have to do it remotely, from distance.

Rondine works on the transformation of conflicts. It works on the ability to take a moment of difficulty and crisis and transform it into a moment of growth, awareness, development, highlighting our humanity and human relationships.

When we voluntarily decide to work intensely on the relationship between us, we are capable of creating a generative relational habitat everywhere and at any time and situation.

We are now facing one of the most human and emotional challenges ever existed, but rest assured we will overcome it together with patience, courage and responsibility.


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