An in-depth insight into the changing nature of globalization and intercultural relations

Why choose this Master course?

The Master program provides deep theoretical and professional insight into a number of themes and disciplines, all of them connected to the effects of globalization and the changing conditions of intercultural relations. In particular, the master intends to shed a light on the recent transformation in terms of mobility, human rights, trans-national and trans-cultural conflicts, to move then to approach the new diplomatic and professional instrument of peace making.

The Institutions

Specialized in research on political, cultural and social transformations, the Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences of the University of Siena is committed to high-quality undergraduate and graduate instruction in a variety of disciplines. It hosts a vibrant community of social and political scientists. The association “Rondine Cittadella della Pace” is an international organization that exists since 1997 in order to promote dialogue and conflict resolutions on different levels: interpersonal, political and international. The core project of Rondine is the cohabitation of young professionals who come from countries in conflict and belong to different cultures. Living together with their own “enemy” they learn how to face the conflict and turn it into an opportunity for change, in order to become global citizens, young leaders and develop concrete social, political and economic projects to create social impact in the world.


A set of inter-disciplinary courses and seminars covering several aspects of the current system of global governance. A special focus devoted to:

•             Migration crises

•             Refugees issues

•             Transnational and international conflicts

•             The role of governmental and non-governmental organizations

•             Global governance and the international scenario

•             International law and human rights

Learning method

Most of the frontal courses are taught at the University of Siena and they are concentrated in the first term. The second term is devoted to students’ work-projects, internships and ad-hoc seminars with practitioners. These activities are mainly held in Rondine – Cittadella della Pace (Arezzo), which serves as main professional partner of the project.


The Master provides students with 60 ECTS. It prepares professionals in the field of intercultural relations, cultural diplomacy, and policy analysis

Eligible students

Students with a first cycle degree (e.g., B.A.) or higher degrees

Application deadline

2 October 2017

Program start

October 2017


12 months


Tuition fees are € 3,000

For more information

Feel free to contact the master team at [email protected] or +39 0577 233483

Centro di Ricerca sul Cambiamento Politico (CIRCaP)

Dipartimento di Scienze Sociali Politiche e Cognitive

Università di Siena

Via Mattioli, 10

Siena 53035




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