(Scholarships for Balkan Students). Music is the universal language that reaches all the people, independently from
their origins, culture, language and religion. Starting from this statement, Rondine
intends to offer its experience and the know how acquired in the training of youths
from different cultures.
The purpose of the project consist of showing, both in Italy and abroad, the
possibility to overcome diversities and conflicting identities, through the positive
dynamics of mutual knowledge, and shared work. The multicultural ensemble was
conceived because of its nature of “instrument, whose dialectic between
unanimity and individuality, between autonomy and homogeneity, becomes a
paradigm of an utopia” (Luciano Berio, 1983). Concerning the school of music,
the project will be managed by an art director, thanks to the partnership with
Fiesole School of Music.
Fiesole School of Music
For nearly forty years, the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole has served as a benchmark
for music worldwide. Founded by Piero Farulli, legendary violist of the Quartetto
Italiano, the School today has 1,300 students, 7 orchestras, 6 choirs and 140
teachers. It is active 350 days a year with 280 public events held annually.
Rondine Cittadella della Pace
Hundreds of musicians who studied here are working professionally; of those who
were members of the Orchestra Giovanile Italiana, the School’s national preprofessional
symphonic ensemble, there are 1,017 to date.
Extraordinary musicians contribute or have contributed to the success of this
miracle: Riccardo Muti, Salvatore Accardo, Luciano Berio, Claudio Abbado,
Natalia Gutman, György Kurtág, Giorgio Battistelli, Gabriele Ferro, Krzysztof
Penderecki, Pavel Vernikov, Gianandrea Noseda, Giuseppe Sinopoli, to name just
a few.
The School has received many honors including, in 1981, the First annual
“Abbiati Prize” awarded by the National Association of Music Critics for being
“the finest musical initiative” and, in 2005, the National Award of the President of
the Republic of Italy presented by Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, upon recommendation
of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia.
First Stage – Selection (April – May 2014)
In this period the young musicians will be selected in their countries of origin:
from Belgrade and from Pristine. Given the special curriculum required, the art
director and music teachers will participate to the selection, in addition to
Rondine’s trainers staff, who will test candidates in their motivation and
preparation to live in the context of Rondine and to take part in its training
program to dialogue and coexistence. The musicians need to have graduated at
their national academies and must be between 18 and 28 years old. The particular
selection will test both artistic skills, in order to create an ensemble capable of
performing at high levels, and personal qualities, in order to fit Rondine’s original
training proposal: to live and work together with other cultures.
The deadline to send application is 4th May 2014. The scolarship covers all
costs (e.g. internal transportation, Master in Fiesole, food and lodgment,
training activities) except travel from and to Italy, visa and personal
Step 1: Arrival and Italian language and culture school (July-October 2014)
The young musicians will start the program at the end of June, attending the
school of Italian language and culture with the other students of the International
Hall of Residence.
The school of Italian language and culture is already recognized as a school of
excellence from various organizations and users; in December 2009 the school
won the prestigious European Language Label awarded to projects that “have
given impetus to the teaching of languages through innovation and effective
teaching practices , promoting an awareness of the linguistic heritage of European
multilingualism and motivating citizens to be implemented for all stages of life. “
Rondine Cittadella della Pace
Step 2: personal and musical training (November 2014 – June 2015)
The young musicians will embark on two types of training: in Rondine, with the
staff and the other international students, and at School of Music of Fiesole. The
training program in Rondine consists on a series of internal and public activities,
all along the musician’s staying in Italy. The Post-graduate course program in
Fiesole will last about seven months after which the trio will be able to present the
result of his work in a series of public concerts, aimed to express both the
outcome of Fiesole’s course and of Rondine’s training to reconciliation.
All costs regarding the issuing of visa are the responsibility of the student. The
Association can provide help and advice on request of the student.
Travel costs to and from Italy are the responsibility of the student.
During the trial period, all costs regarding board and lodging, university fees and
study material (text, books, etc), including the course of Italian Language and
Culture, are covered by the Association.
To participate in the selection process, send the Application Form (Attachment
1), supported by the documents listed below, by the 4th May 2014 at the e-mail
For further information
Associazione Rondine Cittadella della Pace
C. P. 46 – 52100 Arezzo (Italia)
Fax: +39.0575.353565
For Further Information:
Web site: www.rondine

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