Rondine International Peace Lab (RIPL), is a network of around 150 youngsters from: Middle East, Balkans, USA, Africa, Caucasus, Russia, India and Pakistan, that work on creative conflict transformation. Prior to becoming part of the network, these youngsters have completed a two year program of personal transformation in Rondine Cittadella della Pace, Arezzo- Italy, through different activities and training, but most importantly through sharing common spaces and the everyday life with their “enemies”. Rondine Cittadella della Pace, has a 20 years long history of hosting students from conflict areas, and preparing them to return to their home-countries as change makers and leaders who will advocate peace-building and peaceful coexistence.

RIPL initiative was formalized on June 9th 2017, in Arezzo Italy . Its members and governance have united to celebrate this moment of joy, hope, and opportunity to make world a better place. RIPL strategy is focused on implementing projects in the countries of residence of its participants and is being supported by the International Assistance Foundation and other donors.

Some of the projects have already started, one of which is the project on Peaceful Elections in Sierra Leon, promoted with the contribution of Fondation Assistance Internationale – FAI, which is currently being implemented by the RIPL members from Sierra Leon in collaboration with members of other countries. This is a project of training and advocacy for leaders (religious, tribal, political, etc.) and general population on importance of informed and peaceful election process, and most of all a call for the acceptance of the election results.

Sierra Leon has had a past of deep conflict, which has reflected in unstable election process. The up-coming election in Sierra Leon will take place in March 2018.

Similar projects, according to the specificity of needs in the are, are being planned and initiated. RIPL will work through a specific methodology which is being drafted and will have in focus the element of personal transformation.

The midterm goal is to become a recognized International organization and to create area offices and branches that will work for a world free of conflict.

The slogan of RIPL is: “We are Ambassadors for Peace and Reconciliation!

We are united for a greater cause that surpasses all of us!”