A networking event and a lot more, people from national and international profit and nonprofit business will meet in a small medieval village, virtually connected to the whole world.

Adults and young people, students and professors, citizens and institutions will be sitting at the same table to contribute as well as receiving in return.  Conflict, in its multiple facets, will be the main topic of the festival.  Worldwide conflicts, armed conflicts, conflicts between different cultures and religions, social, and interpersonal conflicts thus the causes, the consequences and impact on us.

The new reading key will be a personal challenge: to learn how to live in conflict, to give effective answers to the uncertainties of our times. Take it up, face it and turn it into a creative and generative opportunity. YouTopic Fest is a combination of conferences, workshops, good practices, innovative projects and artistic events by people who turn conflict into new opportunities every day. Beginning with those who have rebuilt and lived in Rondine, and who, today, share a new way of living together on Earth. This has been realized throughspecificprojects in a political, social, cultural and entrepreneurial nature.

“We have an extraordinary opportunity to think big – says President Franco Vaccari – and tackle great issues thanks to the wonderful testimonies of young people coming from all over and above all finding together the method for resolving conflicts, not only international ones but even those that concern us all, with our neighbor, family, immigrants.”

The programme. The initiative, realized with the patronage of Tuscany Region, Province of Arezzo, Diocese of Arezzo-Cortona-Sansepolcro, Municipality of Arezzo, Municipality of Castiglion Fibocchi, Municipality of Castiglion Fiorentino sees a rich programme starting from Thursday, June 8th with a whole day focus on “Training and Research”. Starting from the reflection on Rondine’s Method of conflict prevention and resolution, a comparison will be made on the remedial and community capacity of the Citadel of Peace experience, together with the researching team from the University of Padua and Catholic University of Milan. Then the afternoon will be dedciated to interreligious dialogue and spirituality, tackling with the role of all the different religions in conflict resolution. A debate between different actors who have practiced in the field the value of interreligious dialogue in mediation processes in conflict situations. Following, the inauguration of the “Hug”, the monument symbol of genuine dialogue between the religions in the service of peace conceived and realized by Rondine Cittadella della Pace.

On Friday, June 9, Youtopic Fest 2017 is “Within the Conflict” with three major events dedicated to conflict prevention and resolution. After a morning dedicated to  peace building workshops, realized by the youth of Rondine  World House together with the students of the Quarto Anno Liceale d’Eccellenza, the day comes alive with the event “Russia and the West: what future” , a round table in which Russian and Western civil society explore new relationships and ways of cooperation. Many actors representing different interests – divergent but sometimes converging – gathered in Ronidne to talk in a climate of confidence. Among the guests: Felix Stanevskiy, former Russian Ambassador in Italy and Georgia and member of the European Council, Alexey Bukalov, Journalist and Responsible at Tass Agency in Rome, Anatolij Orel from Gurchakov Foundation, Aldo Ferrari from Università Ca’ Foscari Venice, Riccardo Migliori, President of the OCSE Parliamentary Assembly from 2012 to 2014 and Fulvio Scaglione, Journalist.

At 19.30 everyone is invited to the Locanda to participate to the Charity Dinner for Sierra Leon, the fundraising event organized by the Rondini d’Oro – former students of the World House of Rondine – to set up scholarships for students Of the University of Makeni, Sierra Leone. After dinner the fashion show Threads of Identity, a Social Fashion Project by Nadia Shaulova, a former students of Rondine, who in his creations blends elements of conflicting cultures. To wear peace and feel it on your own skin.

Saturday June 10thYouTopic Fest is “Training and Social Impact” with two moments entirely dedicated to young people living in the Citadel of Rondine. The closing ceremony of the school year 2016/2017 of the Quarto Anno Liceale d’Eccellenza a Rondine, a dive between Innovative School and Social Relief Projects with the encounter of the first two generations of students in the project. On stage, the 24 students who completed their training course in Rondine, ready to return to their communities and share the experience through social projects in specific fields. Along with them, the students of the previous  edition, who came back to Rondine to present the projects they are already realizing in their territories, the results obtained and those they expect to obtain. Following one of the most intense moments of the world of Rondine “International Peace Lab, New Ambassadors of Peace.” The delivery ceremony of the Golden Swallow, the recognition given to all the students who successfully completed their training in Rondine, for the young people of the World House with the presentation of the first RIPL social relief projects.

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