The deep sense of Rondine told by Raz, an young israeli of the International Hall of Residence

I always had hard time to address the question ‘ What is Rondine for me’ . Not because of a language barrier or lack of vocabulary, but due to the huge scope and meaning that Rondine fulfill in my life. I came to Rondine in the first place, because I loved the story. Therefore I’d tell a short story that might help you understand what Rondine is for me.

On 29th of august 1952 , In New-York , the piano virtuoso John Cage prepared to perform one of the most shocking musical piece ever written. It lasted 4 minuets and 33 seconds. During the masterpiece, John sat in front of the piano with a pack of empty pages and remained completely silent for the entire time. These silent 4 minutes has transformed the face of modern music.

Why I’m telling all this? Because it’s easy to hum the drum of war or singing meaninglessly peace anthems. But neither of these is what really happens. Peace seems detached from our reality just like art seems detached from our every day life, when it’s isolated in concert halls and art galleries. 4”33 is a reminder to embrace your environment, to be present in the moment. Because if you pay the same attention to the hum of the river or a burst of laughter as you would listen to your favorite musical album, you just might realize that the line dividing dream and reality, art and noise- doesn’t actually exist.

If you treat every sound you hear in Rondine as you would treat music, you might just hear something unexpected, something beautiful. In the end of the day, 4”33 isn’t about listening to nothing, it’s about listening to everything.

In the end of the day , Rondine isn’t about living your life in utopian dream, it’s about confronting everything that life is.

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