On October 26, at the 12th edition of the Week of Italian Culture and Language around the World held in the Principality of Monaco, the Association Rondine Cittadella della Pace proudly announces a series of events with honored guests, the message of which blends perfectly with the cultural setting and dynamism of the host city.

Since 1997, Rondine has had an active role in promoting the culture of dialogue and peace through the concrete activities experience of the Studentato Internazionale. Located in the small hamlet of Rondine, in the countryside near Arezzo, thirty young people from areas of conflict (including the Balkans, the Russian Federation, the Southern Caucasus, the Middle East, Africa and the Indian subcontinent) gather together in pursuit of a Laurea or Master’s degree. Once the students complete their studies at Rondine they return to their homelands equipped with the experience acquired in Italy, a new outlook and practical tools needed to realistically promote dialogue and peaceful coexistence in their areas.

The day begins at 10:30 at the Hotel Meridien with a conference entitled “Un mare tra due sponde, un ponte tra due mondi”which is dedicated to the ongoing project,“Una nuova classe dirigente per la Sponda Sud del Mediterraneo”.Participating in this conference will be young people from Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia who are studying at Rondine together with others from the Studentato Internazionale. Experts will discuss the geopolitical and social realities of the Southern Mediterranean, and namely: Vannino Chiti, Vice President of the Senate of the Italian Republic; Antonio Ferrari, journalist for the Corriere della Sera; President of OSCE, Riccardo Migliori; and the director of International Relations of the Sant’Egidio Community, Mario Giro.

The events will continue in the afternoon at the Salle du Canton. At  6:30pm there will be a presentation on the cultural heritage of the Diocese of Arezzo-Cortona and Sansepolcro with Archbishop Riccardo Fontana and representatives from major institutions who will discuss local traditions and the arts that made the city of Arezzo famous on an international scale.

At 7:30pm there will be a multimedia presentation entitled “Dissonanze in Accordo” with the extraordinary participation of Israeli performer and bearer of message of peace, Noa; Lilliana Segre, a Holocaust survivor, and students of the Studentato Internazionale will also take part. The performance is an artistic interpretation of the message of Rondine, uniting video art and music with an instrumental ensemble that will play excerpts from soundtracks of famous war films.

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