Tra-Mare incontri

Thanks to the fruitful cooperation between Rondine and Sardinia (Fondazione CON IL SUD, Banco di Sardegna), in working on youth training, the third edition of the Tra-Mare Incontri Project is launched, with the aim of promoting the role of youth Sardinians and to foster relations between Sardinia and the other regions of the Mediterranean area.

The North Mediterranean cannot abstain from giving its own contribution to the South regions, so that a governing class is able to construct new relations based on trust and mutual knowledge free from prejudices, following the Arab Spring. Therefore Rondine has decided to make its original training course available for the South Mediterranean, centered on the cohabitation of different cultures and countries in conflict which for the last 15 years has been the program of the International Hall of Residence.

The general aim of the project is therefore to increase awareness, and provide knowledge and tools

to help the young generations in understanding the ongoing processes of cultural, economic and political change.

In order to achieve this, the project will be oriented to raise self-awareness, in terms of personal integrity, life skills, leadership attitudes; increase relational intelligence, promoting the capacity of managing conflict situations, and intercultural and interfaith contexts; improve the process of personal and professional development; deepen knowledge related to local development and governance issues.


The summer school program

The program consists of a 2 weeks training course, from 20th October (arrival 19th October) to 31st October (leaving 1st November) parallel and integrated with that of the International Hall of Residence, targeting young people coming from MENA countries.

Topics covered in the lectures include: peace processes and nonviolence in the Mediterranean area, compared democratization processes, civil society, migrations processes.

Given the purpose to create bridges across Mediterranean countries, some parts of the program will be also joined by young students and professionals from Sardinia.

During the 2 weeks of staying in Rondine, participants will have the opportunity to participate in trainings on team building, personal development, leadership and intercultural communication/dialogue, learning about local development through case studies, lectures, workshops and visits, attend academic workshops dealing with economic, political, cultural and social situation in their countries participate on some official events where they can have the chance to introduce their personal point of view on their context.


Place and period of time

2. At mid-September, participants will receive the seminar material to study before arrival. At this stage, Participants may be asked to write short papers concerning the covered topics.

• The 19th October, 25 students selected from MENA countries and from Sardinia will arrive in Rondine (Arezzo) to start the residential program. English will be the working language during the workshops. Alongside the class training, participants will meet local experiences, investigate visions and solutions and look into crucial dimensions of governance, local development strategies and practices. During the whole program, participants will take part to high level official events and external workshops, meeting with institutions, international organizations officials, academics, politicians, journalists, diplomats. Within such events, students will be asked to interact with such high level personalities, and to present their views and their experience on the dynamics of their countries. A schedule of these events will be provided to the participants upon their arrival.

• From 1st November, following the end of the residential training, participants will work on a personal dissertation, researching on one of the topics studied during the seminar. The seminar teachers will supervise the research process.

All the material produced, from the initial papers to the dissertation, will be shared in an on-line platform.


Eligible candidates

Essential requirements: Recruitment is restricted to male and female between the ages of 22 and 30.

Candidates must have obtained a university degree on Humanities, Social Science or Technical field

A very good knowledge of written and spoken English language is required.

Experience in the fields of public administration, no profit organization, civil society organizations,

cultural/social association, international cooperation will be considered crucial.

Furthermore, the following skills will be favorably evaluated:

Candidates who have a strong motivation in improving their personal skills and the capacities suitable to be applied in the work field, emerging from the letter of motivation and the interview,

Candidates interested in the topic of local development, due to their work field and/or personal interest.

Candidates who show to be open to dialogue and reconciliation, demonstrating this in their everyday relationships with the other participants of the Tra-mare incontri project as well as with the students of the International Hall of Residence and in their capacity to inter-relate with the diverse cultures and faiths represented.



The recruitment process for the “Tra-Mare incontri” involves the following stages, all of which must be successfully completed in order to be eligible for admission:

• Application forms are sent in by the deadline along with all relevant documents (see below);

• A roster of suitable candidates is shortlisted, selected from the applications received;

• Candidates in the list are called to attend a selection day via Skype;

• Candidates chosen for admission are requested to arrive in Arezzo by the program starting date.



• During the student’s period of the campus, the Association covers 100% costs regarding board, lodging, internal transportation, all the expenses related to the training activities. Expenses under the responsibility of the student include: expenses for the visa procedures, personal expenses and every cost not specifically included in the expenses covered by the Association.

• The Association covers 70% Travel costs from and to Italy (Arezzo). The 70% of the ticket cost will be refunded at the arrival.


Download the application form

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